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What are the uses of ceramic substrates?


  Ceramic substrate refers to a special process board in which copper foil is directly typed into the surface of aluminum oxide(Al2O3)or aluminum nitride(AlN)ceramic substrate at high temperature.

  So,how much do you know about the use of ceramic substrates?

  1.The application of ceramic substrates in chips.

  LEDs are made of ceramic substrates to achieve better thermal conductivity.In addition,the following electronic devices also use ceramic substrates to make ceramic chips

  ◆High-power power semiconductor module.

  ◆Semiconductor refrigerators,electric heater power control circuits,and power hybrid circuits.

  ◆Intelligent power components;high-frequency switching power supplies,solid state relays.

  ◆Automotive electronics,aerospace and military electronic components.

  ◆Solar panel components telecommunications dedicated switches,receiving system lasers and other industrial electronics.

ceramic substrate

  2.The application of ceramic substrates in third-generation semiconductors.

  Mainstream power devices represented by MOSFET,IGBT,transistor,etc.occupy a position in their respective frequency range and power supply range.Due to the comprehensive excellent performance of IGBT,it has replaced GTR and has become the mainstream components of inverters,UPS,inverters,motor drives,high-power switching power supplies,especially popular electric vehicles,high-speed railways and other power electronic devices.

  3.The application of alumina ceramic substrate in the field of electronics and electricity.

  In the field of power electronics,such as power switching power supplies,electric drives,etc.,dielectric ceramic substrates are required to achieve better thermal conductivity and prevent current burnout and short-circuit.

  4.The application of alumina ceramic co-fired plates in the lithium battery industry.

  With the recommendation of artificial intelligence and environmental protection,the automobile industry has also introduced electric cars,mainly through battery storage.Lithium batteries made of ceramic substrates can achieve better current and heat dissipation functions,and promote the market demand for new energy vehicles.

  5.The small ceramic substrate chip(3mm*3mm or less)in the integrated circuit of the ceramic substrate can also be used to realize the packaging of small integrated circuits.Therefore,the application of integrated circuits is also increasing.As a result,the development of integrated circuits has become more sophisticated,Features such as miniaturization.