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What are the common uses and characteristics of ceramic substrates?


  The ceramic substrate refers to a special process board in which the copper foil is directly connected to the surface(single-sided or double-sided)of the aluminum oxide(Al2O3)or aluminum nitride(AlN)ceramic substrate at high temperatures.The made ultra-thin composite substrate has excellent electrical insulation properties,high thermal conductivity,excellent weldability and high adhesion strength,can corrode various patterns like a PCB board,and has a large current-carrying capacity.Therefore,ceramic substrates have become the basic material for high-power power electronic circuit structure technology and connection technology.

  Introduction to the characteristics and common uses of ceramic substrates.


  1.Strong mechanical stress,stable shape;high strength,high thermal conductivity,high insulation;strong bonding force,corrosion resistance.

  2.Good thermal cycle performance,50,000 cycles,high reliability.

  3.Like the printed circuit board(or IMS substrate),it can corrode the structure of various patterns;it is pollution-free and pollution-free.

  4.The operating temperature is wide-55℃~850℃;the thermal expansion coefficient is close to silicon,which simplifies the production process of power modules.

ceramic substrates


  1.High-power semiconductor modules;semiconductor refrigerators and electronic heaters;power control circuits and power hybrid circuits.

  Intelligent power supply components;high-frequency switching power supplies,solid state relays.

  3.Automotive electronics,aerospace and military electronic components.

  4.Solar panel components;special switches and receiving systems for telecommunications;industrial electronics such as lasers.

  The advent of ceramic substrate products opened up the development of the heat dissipation application industry.Due to the heat dissipation characteristics of the ceramic substrate,the ceramic substrate has the advantages of high heat dissipation,low thermal resistance,long service life,and withstand voltage.With the improvement of production technology and equipment,the rationalization of product prices has accelerated,and the application fields of the light-emitting diode industry have been expanded,such as indicator lights for household appliances,car lights,street lights and large outdoor billboards.The successful development of ceramic substrates will serve as indoor lighting and outdoor lighting products,making the light-emitting diode industry a broader market in the future.
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